If I wouldn’t use it I wouldn’t sell it,

that’s why we only stalk Trico Tech Advanced Beam blade. The blades will fit on most vehicles and they are available at a competitive price. At ACE we don’t watch you struggle with figure out how they go on, with FREE installation you will be back on the road in no time!

Memory Curve Steel Beam delivers continuous pressure across the length of the wiper creating uniform and solid wiper-to-windshield contact. Conventional wiper blades have only 6 or 8 pressure points which can lead to uneven pressure and streaks.

Jointless, Hinge-Free, One-Piece Structure maximizes strength and durability due to eliminating the large number of delicate and breakable parts on conventional wiper blades. In addition there are no exposed parts and resists snow and ice clogging.

Aerodynamic Beam Spoiler converts wind into additional wiper pressure increasing contact and nearly eliminating the common wind-lift effect inherent with conventional wiper blades.